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“The quality doesn’t stop. Having been extremely impressed by The Events Raccoon team when working with them in the UK, we decided to continue the relationship across our Canadian event portfolio. The success in London was far from a one off. Despite the perceived difficulties with time zones, our customers were none the wiser due to the attention to detail and responsiveness shown by the team. When on site, every piece of the event was managed with complete professionalism and always with a smile. We love working with The Events Raccoon. Professional, likable and always on point. Thank you!

The objective:

Following the success of CAMSS UK, The Events Raccoon was asked to support with the remaining CAMSS World agenda, including project management and onsite event support in Vancouver and Toronto.

We took the same model as with CAMSS UK and implemented this for Vancouver and Toronto.

How it was done:

The venues for both locations had already been secured and we took over the liaison and communication with Convention Centre in Vancouver and the Beanfield Centre in Toronto. 

We had to be flexible in our working hours due to the time difference with the venues to ensure there was a clear channel of communication and that both the client and the venue were satisfied with the arrangements for the events.

For both events, we used the venues in-house production team to set up the main plenary session and boardroom briefings with all AV and lighting.

Managing the lines of communication:

With the time difference between Canada and the UK, excellent communication was critical for the success of this event. Not only to ensure we had excellent lines of communication with the venue, but also with delegates and sponsors.

A huge part of the funding for this event is from sponsors, therefore ensuring their needs were met and that all arrangements were carried out for deliveries to the venues was an important part of our communications process.

Both events were deemed a success and it was a pleasure to work with the client on their events programme both in the UK and Canada, ensuring continuity in the events delivered.

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