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The Raccoons

Raccoons are well known for being 'loyal', 'fun', 'trusted' and 'unique'.

Like us, they are persistent and never give up


Chief Amazement Officer

A few years ago, after more than a decade having a great time working in the events industry, it struck me and my amazing colleagues that there was room for an events management agency that was just a little different. We felt that by ‘playing too safe’ some great creativity and fun was being lost in the process, so decided to be resolutely ourselves and bring the full scope of our personalities to our new business.

We have never looked back. Every day is an opportunity to have fun, be unique, come up with really imaginative ideas and solutions. We chose our name because raccoons are inquisitive, tenacious and problem-solving creatures. These attributes, plus loyalty, fun and going the extra mile are what we bring to the party.

What I love about my job is that no two clients are the same and no two days work are either. We could be running a big staff conference or organising a very special reward package for an outstanding employee. What’s great is we never know. Each event is unique which is what gets us out of bed in the morning and raring to go.

Personally, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside, and for, so many inspiring people. I’ve worked with the very best, from managers who’ve taught me the ropes, to inspiring speakers at award ceremonies who’ve kindly shared their wisdom.

My business philosophy is based on what someone wise once said: "Learn as much as you can, and share everything you know."


The 'Make It Happen' Happener

After nine great years working in the events industry, I was ready for a change and a new challenge outside of the capital. When I saw the role at The Events Raccoon, I leapt at the opportunity to become part of something exciting and original.

My role is endlessly challenging but in a good way. It demands great attention to detail, and the ability to think laterally and creatively. Personality wise, it’s a perfect fit for me, as it keeps my mind busy while giving me the freedom to solve problems and take my own decisions.

Another thing I love about my role is that it utilises my previous experience. I still draw regularly on the lessons I learnt working for luxury brand Cartier, where saying ‘no’ was never an option, and excellence was the default setting.

I also value highly the opportunity to help grow the business. Beckie asks us to think commercially as well as creatively and practically about how we deliver brilliant events for our clients, which is something you are rarely required to do for large businesses.

Over the years I have worked with and for many inspirational and influential people. One person who stands out in my memory is the first general manager I worked for.  He wore a tail coat and used to move around so quickly that his tails were always flying out horizontally behind him! For him, as far as clients were concerned nothing was too much trouble.  I’m delighted that we have exactly the same approach to looking after our clients.


Digital Ninja

I’ve spent many years helping stage professional events. In fact, it’s coming up for 12 years now since I first worked in this industry. My love of events management runs deep because for several generations my family has worked in this industry too.

It’s an easy industry to fall in love with. Each day is different, offering almost endless variety and there’s the excitement of starting from scratch and building up to a final production where all the elements come perfectly together. What’s great is that everyone also sees the results of our hard work and creativity.

Being part of a small business is brilliant. Everyone plays a vital part and we rely on each other to deliver a great service to our clients. It also means that ideas are always welcomed, no matter how seemingly outrageous, because we share a love of coming up with something genuinely new and different.

I’m responsible for creating and showcasing all of our digital content, and act as the principal liaison with our technology partners to ensure virtual events are technically robust, straightforward to attend and visually attractive to maximise everyone’s engagement. I love being busy, thinking on my feet, solving problems and working to hit unmissable deadlines.

Right now, with many physical events moving online, our industry faces a new set of tests. Our challenge is to make virtual events as fresh, engaging and as effective as meeting in person.  Happily, we are more than ready to take up the challenge.

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I just LOVE going on holiday!

Beckie, Chief Amazement Officer

I have perfected breadmaking, scones and shortbreads whilst in lockdown.

Emma, The 'Make It Happen' Happener

My favourite thing ever (excluding my husband and children obviously!) is Costa Coffee – I can’t go a day without it!

Kate, Digital Ninja

My biggest dislike is bad manners – there is just no need for it. Little things such as when people do not say thank you, common courtesy goes a long way with me.

Beckie, Chief Amazement Officer

I love Irish Setters – so much that I have two of my own Tizzie & Coco!

Emma, The 'Make It Happen' Happener

I enjoy boxing training, it is so therapeutic to just let off some steam with some punches.

Kate, Digital Ninja

South East Asia is my favourite destination – I love anywhere with culture. I like to take myself away from the culture I live in and immerse myself in another.

Beckie, Chief Amazement Officer

I never miss Proms in Park in Hyde Park – it’s the perfect end to the Summer Season!!

Emma, The 'Make It Happen' Happener

Jamaica would be my dream destination. I love the chilled-out atmosphere and positive vibes.

Kate, Digital Ninja

I really enjoy reading a wide range of books. My top two would have to be Hunger Games and Michelle Obama’s autobiography.

Beckie, Chief Amazement Officer

I love Jack Savoretti!

Emma, The 'Make It Happen' Happener

I am totally obsessed with perfume!

Kate, Digital Ninja

Chinese food would always be my go-to – it is bad for all the right reasons and good for all the wrong reasons. Pad Thai would be my chosen dish!

Beckie, Chief Amazement Officer

My most favourite place in the world is Vail, Colorado.

Emma, The 'Make It Happen' Happener

Pigeons are my favourite animal – I know it is a bit strange, but I just think they are so sassy!

Kate, Digital Ninja