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The Objective

We were appointed by Opus 2, to execute & deliver their virtual seminar taking place during Lock Down. Expected to attract over 800 registrations from across 44 countries, and showcasing the client’s technology, there was no margin for error.

In a changing world, the seminar was delivered as a virtual event; powered by Opus 2 using the same technology used to conduct their world-class virtual and hybrid hearings in legal disputes.

As experts in their field, they recognised the need for a specialist in the area of running events to bring that final piece of the puzzle.

From initial conversations with the client, the requirement for additional project management support and a sole point of contact to manage 15 busy speakers was identified.

The End Result

Working closely with the team within Opus 2 we were able to drive the project forward with clear roles & responsibilities. Timing & communication is key for any event but with a virtual event, where the team are working remotely and technology is your one constant, a cool head, strong relationships and being an expert in your field is non-negotiable.


The Feedback

”Beckie and her team were not partners, they almost immediately became an extension of our internal team. They came onboard, quickly identified where they can add value and took ownership and accountability of their deliverables. Their knowledge and experience of managing events was invaluable. They offered great suggestions and held all our feet to the fire to make things happen.

Most importantly, their professionalism was impeccable, especially in our industry where it is essential.”

Arunn Ramadoss – Head of Marketing – Opus 2


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